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Simon Cordes

Partner & Executive Chef


Simon Cordes, born and raised in a small town in Germany. Simon first took an interest in food, when he ate a Pincho as a young boy on a trip to Spain with his family. After attending the Culinary Institute in Cologne and graduating in 2010, he moved as a young chef to France and entered the world of creative cuisine.


He worked for one year at the renowned Le Chateau de Nantilly in Gray. Driven and passionate for the culinary world, he entered the stage of world-class restaurants and worked for Noma in Denmark, La Vie in Germany, Baeren Hotel in Switzerland, Red Bull Hangar-7 in Austria and made in 2015 his final destination to New York City.


After working at a Michelin star restaurant in lower Manhattan and for 2,5 years in the corporate executive dining room at JP Morgan Headquarter, he met Kat Alexander and joined the Team from Portable Provisions.

Let’s Work Together

220 E 80th Street

New York, NY 10028

Tel: 646-494-3104

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